From Montana Route 200

Turn south at the Garnet Range Road located between mile markers 22 and 23, about 30 miles east of Missoula. Follow the Range Road for approximately 11 miles to Garnet where the parking area is located. Follow signs.

From Interstate 90

Take either Drummond or Bearmouth exit. Then follow the North side frontage road to Bear Gulch Road, watch for sign, which is located 10 miles west of Drummond or 5 miles east of Bearmouth exit. Approximately 7.5 miles up Bear Gulch Road is the Cave Gulch Road Junction. From here, Garnet and the parking lot are 4 miles up Cave Gulch.

NOTE: RV, motorhomes and pull trailers are NOT recommended to travel this route. The last 9 miles of dirt roads are mountain terrain which are steep, narrow and winding. In most places the roads are one lane and can be rough. Expect to drive slow.

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